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We know how frustrating it is to get that sale. But what’s more frustrating is not finding a trustworthy SEO company in Adelaide who can help you achieve your marketing goals.

And when there are tons of SEO agencies claiming to have the recipe for #1 rank on the SERP’s, the search becomes all the more challenging. You need an SEO agency that specializes in devising and implementing SEO strategies according to your business needs. You need an SEO company that can help you shine bright across the ever changing digital landscape. You need us!

Diamond SEO in Adelaide are SEO experts who can work as an extension to your marketing team assisting you in reaching sales and revenue goals. 

We have helped numerous small and large businesses expand their organic reach, attract new customers and boost ROI. The key to our success is in our approach to SEO that focuses on data and results instead of just impressions and clicks.

We keep our attention to bringing quality traffic and qualified sales which ultimately impact your ROI.

Our strategic approach to SEO and thorough understanding of Google algorithms and updates has allowed our clients in Brisbane to stay afloat in the market, even during testing times.

So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your business and SEO needs with our team today.

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How This Cleaning Company Went From Invisible To Dominating The Market.

Our client Gold Star Property Services & Maintenance is a cleaning and property maintenance business operating in Melbourne.  For over 10 years they had thrived on referrals because of their excellent cleaning standards and work ethic. While the referrals continued to come in, albeit less, they decided that they had to create an online digital presence, most of their competitors were online and they knew they had to make up for lost time.

To say we were pleased they decided to trust us with all their marketing needs was an understatement, we were thrilled! Taking on a new client who showed resistance to “nonsense SEO stuff” was a challenge we gladly accepted.

We knew entering the digital landscape was going to be something foreign for them so we consulted with them every step of the way.

Before we did anything we sat with them and we got to know their business, their needs, their pain points, what they excelled at and what their expectations were. We then created a stunning responsive new website and implemented a targeted SEO campaign that included on-site and off site optimisation.

By providing relevant and engaging content for their website, we were able to build online authority for their business.

Gold Star Property Services & Maintenance were starting to rank and before they knew it this “nonsence SEO stuff” was paying off (sorry Ross, we told you we would quote you on that one day!)

Our aggressive targeted SEO resulted in a significant boost in new clients, you could say our client is literally cleaning up!

Increase in page 1 position

Since taking over their SEO our client has seen an increase of 100%  in page 1 positions.

Page 1 Position 1, 2 & 3

Our client is proudly holding Page 1 Positions 1, 2 & 3 rankings for 87% of their keywords/phrases.

Increase in Social Traffic

Our client has seen a staggering 200% increase in social traffic.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


Dean S.

”I have no hesitancy in recommending Diamond SEO. We have retained them for a third year now due to our confidence in their abilities. They incorporated multiple marketing strategies to boost our website traffic, and they shared weekly and monthly reports to keep us abreast of the results. They are professional, responsive and up to date with the latest SEO techniques. A fantastic agency that delivers on everything they promise.“


Melissa P.

” Diamond SEO has been a significant contributor to our marketing success. Always a pleasure to deal with, but most importantly, they deliver excellent results. Our page rankings and web inquiries have increased significantly, allowing us to enjoy higher revenues. An agency that doesn’t over promise and delivers what initially spoken. Worth speaking with if you’re looking for help with your digital marketing.  “


Jade K.

” I really can’t thank Kathi and the rest of the team for everything so far. Since we’ve started working with Diamond SEO our sales have more than tripled and continue to grow each month. They have surpassed our expectations and really are like an extension of our business, I just wish I had reached out to them sooner! In such uncertain times running a business it’s so reassuring having them. Thank you for everything and look forward to a long lasting working relationship! “


Don C.

“I’ve worked with Diamond SEO for a very long time now, I’ve received invaluable advice and strategic direction on digital marketing for my business, professional, honest and brilliant pretty much sums them up – highly recommended!”

When You Partner With Diamond SEO, You Get SEO Strategies That Bring Results.

From Keyword Research to Tracking & Monitoring, our approach is meticulous, and so it should be. It’s our attention to detail that attracts the traffic you want.

At Diamond SEO Agency, we focus on offering personalized SEO services to our clients. Before initiating any SEO plan, we first spend time to understand the business model and business goals. Our next step includes a thorough analysis of the website and other digital assets. Our assessment allows us to identify areas where it needs optimization and challenges that need to be addressed. Once we have the figures and data, we start devising SEO strategies that are best suited for your business goals.

Having foolproof keyword planning is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of any SEO strategy. At Diamond SEO Digital Marketing Agency Adelaide, we have a team of SEO professionals who are keyword research specialists. We understand user intent and look for keywords that are bound to drive more traffic and leads for your website.

Competitor analysis is becoming a crucial element in digital marketing. Our competitor analysis services are designed to offer a competitive edge to your business. It allows us to understand who your competitors are how to outrank them on the digital landscape.

SEO algorithms keep changing. While some changes may not affect a website’s ranking directly, others may negatively impact the traffic. Once we implement SEO changes to your website, we monitor every change your website is experiencing. Proper tracking and monitoring allow us to gauge the effectiveness of our strategies and make improvements if required.

On-page SEO directly influences the organic ranking of any website. Our on-page optimization solutions are aimed at helping businesses gain an edge over their competition. Our SEO experts in Adelaide work around the clock to keep your website in line with the latest SEO updates. From internal linking to metadata, page load speed to image optimization, content optimization to backlinks, we ensure all SEO elements are in place.

Link building is crucial for any business wanting to secure the #1 rank on the SERP. However, linking building is also a complex process that requires technical SEO expertise. Our link building services ensure your website is linked with other high authority sites and vice-versa. We are highly skilled at devising link-building strategies and implementing tactics that will benefit your business.

Content marketing is equally important in SEO as any other strategy. Our content marketing services are devised to boost a brand’s online presence and increase its revenue. Our content strategists are adept at optimizing, auditing, creating, and distributing compelling content across digital channels.

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Whether you want to increase your brand exposure online or secure a spot on the first page of Google, Diamond SEO Digital Marketing Agency Adelaide has the right solution to all your SEO needs.

We are dedicated to assisting businesses in finding their way to the top of the SERP’s and staying ahead of the SEO game. Our team is made up of SEO experts and digital marketers who have the right skills and experience in leveraging SEO and online marketing tactics and ensuring you reap the best results. Our SEO approach ensures that the strategies and tactics we devise are sustainable and beneficial in the long run. Our data-driven and ROI-friendly SEO strategies have made us one of the most sought-after SEO agencies in Adelaide.

In today’s day and age of digital marketing, data plays a vital role in keeping a business up and running. However, merely having information on customers, leads, and sales are not enough. Your SEO agency must be adept at putting these numbers to good use. At Diamond SEO, we believe in chasing after results with the help of data. Our data-driven SEO approach ensures that your website attracts more traffic and gets qualified leads.

Previously, SEO was limited to getting a website ranked higher on the SERP’s. Webmasters and SEO professionals would revert to keyword stuffing, and other black-hat SEO means. However, these tricks can now get your website blacklisted. The focus now has significantly moved to local searches. In order for businesses to get ranked higher on the SERP’s, they must focus on quality as much as quantity. At Diamond SEO Agency Adelaide, we help companies find the perfect balance between pleasing the search algorithms and appealing to the users.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s essential to be seen by your prospective buyers. The majority of online buyers start their purchase on search engine platforms. They turn to search engines to look for product details or to enquire about prices.

Businesses that appear on top of the SERP’s grab the most attention and website traffic. It’s imperative that your website sits on top of the SERP’s.

At Diamond SEO, we have helped numerous businesses secure a #1 ranking. We use ethical means and exercise best SEO practices to ensure your website doesn’t experience any negative impact of any algorithm changes.

Winning Clicks that Convert into Customers

Diamond SEO has extensive experience in helping businesses build an online presence and create a positive buzz on the internet. Whether you want your SEO optimized website to be built from scratch or need someone to boost traffic on your existing website, we can deliver it and do much more.

Keeping Up With Google

The advent of the internet has turned the market into a fierce battle ground. In this cut-throat competition, even traditional marketing methods fail to yield the desired results. With every business eyeing online traffic, digital marketing and search engine optimization offers some of the most cost-effective solutions. However, simply putting your business website on the internet with a minimal SEO strategy will not get you ahead of your competition. Here is why.

In today’s day and age, most purchases start on search platforms like Google and Bing. Prospective buyers type in search terms on search platforms to look for products and services they need. Businesses and websites that appear on top organically take the most attention.

Right search engine optimization  strategies can get any business to rank on top of the SERP’s organically and enable them to drive more traffic, clicks, and leads. More leads means more sales and profit.

It seems easy, right? It’s not easy though!

Google and other search engines keep updating their search algorithms. Since most people rely on Google for accurate and relevant results, Google continuously brings in new updates to enhance users’ search experience. These algorithm changes can have a significant impact on website visits, clicks, and conversions. Here, businesses need a reliable SEO consultant in Adelaide that can help them fine-tune their website and digital marketing strategies with the latest Google updates.

customer attracting

Cracking Google algorithms has become trickier with each passing day. Do you know there are over 200 factors upon which a website is thoroughly checked before getting ranked on the SERP’s? On top of that, Google keeps updating these factors to refine search results. It’s never been more essential to have a team of SEO professionals who are aware of the latest algorithm changes and adept at mastering new updates. At Diamond SEO Agency Adelaide we do just that.

We are one of the best SEO agencies specialising in helping businesses navigate their way through organic search ranking. Our results-driven strategies are aimed at bringing real results and revenue growth. We ensure your website enjoys increased traffic while your business gains quality leads and makes more sales.

To understand what we do, you must know how search engines work. Search engines serve as a platform where you can turn to for information. People often use a search engine like Google to look for a product or get information on a topic. When the user punches search terms, the search engine algorithm starts churning out websites that it deems accurate and relevant for the user. The websites that appear on top of the SERP get more clicks and traffic than those below.

For a business wanting to increase website traffic and gain more leads, it’s essential to be ahead of every other website. At Diamond SEO Digital Marketing Agency, we ensure you are right on top of the search results pages and get maximum website traffic.

Our job doesn’t end there. We also make sure you realize your revenue and sales goals and experience higher ROI.

Whether you want us to supercharge your website to attract more leads or want us to build an SEO-friendly website, you can rely on our SEO services Adelaide.

You may have heard of black hat SEO? You’d be surprised to know a lot of agencies will utilize certain methods to trick Google into getting a better position. We on the other hand only practice white hat SEO and stay away from unethical SEO tactics. Cheating is wrong on so many levels.

So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your business and SEO needs with our team today.

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Our Areas of SEO Expertise

01. Local SEO so that you can beat the Local Search Competition

Over the last decade, local searches on search engines have increased. Businesses that fail to recognize local search potential are more likely to miss out on sales opportunities.

If you wish to get ahead of your competitors and build dominance in your region, investing in local search is your best bet.

At Diamond SEO Agency Adelaide, we help brands secure the #1 ranking in local search. Our team boasts the best skills and industry experience to devise geo-targeted Local SEO strategies. We ensure your brand is right in front of your audience on local search pages. Our local SEO solutions include Google My Business profiling, local directory submissions, website optimization, content creation, online reputation management, and much more.

02. Enterprise SEO to ensure your competitor stays behind you, always

Our enterprise SEO solutions are designed to help your business enjoy a competitive edge in your industry. Diamond SEO experts have extensive experience assisting big corporations leverage SEO and register high ROI. Our meticulously designed strategies are compatible with your business goals and can be implemented across many channels.

03. Ecommerce SEO for ultra-precise customer targeting

Efficient management of an ecommerce business requires a robust website and a well-planned SEO strategy. With new businesses entering the ecommerce domain, your website must be  optimized for leads and sales. Our ecommerce SEO services Adelaide are aimed at helping ecommerce businesses stay ahead of their competition.

At Diamond SEO, we deploy tried and tested SEO strategies that boost the ecommerce brand and bring in more traffic. Our SEO specialists in Adelaide and content creators work in unison to connect you with your ready-to-convert buyers.

Get discovered by your target audience and experience high website traffic, leads, and sales. Discuss your project or book a free consultation today.

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