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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that offers result-driven SEO Services in Brisbane?

At Diamond SEO, we focus on helping our clients shine bright on the Search Engine Results Page and attract leads that convert. And how we do this? It’s purely through strategic SEO and data-driven digital marketing tactics.

With a team of expert SEO professionals , we continue to refine our SEO strategies and devise marketing tactics that drive a higher return on investment. Our dedicated SEO consultants in Brisbane combine all their knowledge to keep your business two steps ahead of your competitors on SERP and online domain.

Unlike most other SEO Digital Agencies in Brisbane, we don’t chase after clicks and website traffic. Instead, we turn your website and other digital assets into a lead magnet that attracts qualified sales.

Our strategic approach to SEO and thorough understanding of Google algorithms and updates has allowed our clients in Brisbane to stay afloat in the market, even during testing times.

So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your business and SEO needs with our team today.

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How This Cleaning Company Went From Invisible To Dominating The Market.

Our client Gold Star Property Services & Maintenance is a cleaning and property maintenance business operating in Melbourne.  For over 10 years they had thrived on referrals because of their excellent cleaning standards and work ethic. While the referrals continued to come in, albeit less, they decided that they had to create an online digital presence, most of their competitors were online and they knew they had to make up for lost time.

To say we were pleased they decided to trust us with all their marketing needs was an understatement, we were thrilled! Taking on a new client who showed resistance to “nonsense SEO stuff” was a challenge we gladly accepted.

We knew entering the digital landscape was going to be something foreign for them so we consulted with them every step of the way.

Before we did anything we sat with them and we got to know their business, their needs, their pain points, what they excelled at and what their expectations were. We then created a stunning responsive new website and implemented a targeted SEO campaign that included on-site and off site optimisation.

By providing relevant and engaging content for their website, we were able to build online authority for their business.

Gold Star Property Services & Maintenance were starting to rank and before they knew it this “nonsence SEO stuff” was paying off (sorry Ross, we told you we would quote you on that one day!)

Our aggressive targeted SEO resulted in a significant boost in new clients, you could say our client is literally cleaning up!

Increase in page 1 position

Since taking over their SEO our client has seen an increase of 100%  in page 1 positions.

Page 1 Position 1, 2 & 3

Our client is proudly holding Page 1 Positions 1, 2 & 3 rankings for 87% of their keywords/phrases.

Increase in Social Traffic

Our client has seen a staggering 200% increase in social traffic.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


Dean S.

”I have no hesitancy in recommending Diamond SEO. We have retained them for a third year now due to our confidence in their abilities. They incorporated multiple marketing strategies to boost our website traffic, and they shared weekly and monthly reports to keep us abreast of the results. They are professional, responsive and up to date with the latest SEO techniques. A fantastic agency that delivers on everything they promise.“


Melissa P.

” Diamond SEO has been a significant contributor to our marketing success. Always a pleasure to deal with, but most importantly, they deliver excellent results. Our page rankings and web inquiries have increased significantly, allowing us to enjoy higher revenues. An agency that doesn’t over promise and delivers what initially spoken. Worth speaking with if you’re looking for help with your digital marketing.  “


Jade K.

” I really can’t thank Kathi and the rest of the team for everything so far. Since we’ve started working with Diamond SEO our sales have more than tripled and continue to grow each month. They have surpassed our expectations and really are like an extension of our business, I just wish I had reached out to them sooner! In such uncertain times running a business it’s so reassuring having them. Thank you for everything and look forward to a long lasting working relationship! “


Don C.

“I’ve worked with Diamond SEO for a very long time now, I’ve received invaluable advice and strategic direction on digital marketing for my business, professional, honest and brilliant pretty much sums them up – highly recommended!”

When You Partner With Diamond SEO, You Get SEO Strategies That Bring Results.

From Keyword Research to Tracking & Monitoring, our approach is meticulous, and so it should be. It’s our attention to detail that attracts the traffic you want.

At Diamond SEO, we go through your business website and other online profiles for an in-depth analysis. Our team reviews any SEO strategy that may be in place to identify the gaps. Once we have conducted the initial audit, we are all set to devise a custom-made SEO plan for your site.

The one thing that has remained constant in SEO over the years is the importance of “Keywords.” We have some of the best keyword research tools that allow us to filter out keywords that are important for your website.

Keeping an eye on your competitors is crucial when it comes to outranking them. Our competitor analysis service enables you to see who your competitors are and what strategies they have adopted.

Devising and implementing SEO strategies is not enough. Constant result-tracking is also essential to ensure optimum performance. At Diamond SEO, we keep track of all the SEO strategies and its impact on your website’s ranking, traffic and visits.

A properly placed on-page SEO strategy can get any website to the desired place on major search engines like Google. Our SEO experts are thorough with all On-Page SEO elements like internal linking, metadata, page load speed and image optimization.

Link Building is another essential element of SEO. A well-planned and robust link building strategy can help you improve your site rank and build site authority. Our SEO specialists review the website to analysis internal and external links connected with your website.

Content is King! And that’s why having a well-planned content marketing strategy adds to the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. Our in-house content creators are adept at creating quality content. From adding new pages to the site to optimize existing content with high-volume keywords, our content specialists can help you with all your content-related needs.

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Let's Chase Your Marketing Goals, Together

Whether you are eyeing higher sales or want to attain that profit margin, we are here to help you realize your marketing goals. At Diamond SEO Brisbane, we devise SEO strategies that are in line with your marketing goals and budget. From increased website traffic to higher return on investment, we can help you achieve it all. Give us a call today and see how we can help your business soar.

Diamond SEO Digital Marketing Agency is a powerhouse. All aspects of a high performing local SEO campaign are handled by our team, from content to links to Google My Business and local citations, so you can focus on your business.With our years of experience working in Brisbane, we have gained extensive knowledge of the market’s ins and outs. Our rich market understanding, together with strategic SEO planning, allows us to help our clients rank high on Google’s SERP and maintain their position.

Google always keeps updating its search algorithm, making it quite impossible to keep up with all the changes. SEO experts Brisbane at Diamond SEO keep tabs on everything happening in and around SEO and digital marketing. We keep our clients’ websites and online assets in tune with the latest algorithm changes and ensure they are optimized for better UX/UI. Our proactive approach to SEO Brisbane prevents any negative impact of algorithm updates on your website’s SERP rank and revenue.

Your business rank on Google search pages can significantly affect your sales and revenue. If you are on top of Google’s SERP, you are likely to grab 36.4% of more traffic than businesses below you. At Diamond SEO, we help companies to climb the ladder of Google ranking by using ethical tactics.  If you want to rank your business for the suburbs that matter to you, or have your business show in the top spots in the Google Maps pack, we can help you with our SEO Services Brisbane. Get in touch now for a free proposal. And don’t worry, we follow best SEO practices and stay away from dodgy black hat SEO tactics.

Winning Clicks that Convert into Customers

Diamond SEO has extensive experience in helping businesses build an online presence and create a positive buzz on the internet. Whether you want your SEO optimized website to be built from scratch or need someone to boost traffic on your existing website, we can deliver it and do much more.

Keeping Up With Google

The advent of the internet has turned the market into a fierce battle ground. In this cut-throat competition, even traditional marketing methods fail to yield the desired results. With every business eyeing online traffic, digital marketing and search engine optimization offers some of the most cost-effective solutions. However, simply putting your business website on the internet with a minimal SEO strategy will not get you ahead of your competition. Here is why.

In today’s day and age, most purchases start on search platforms like Google and Bing. Prospective buyers type in search terms on search platforms to look for products and services they need. Businesses and websites that appear on top organically take the most attention.

Right search engine optimization Brisbane strategies can get any business to rank on top of the SERP organically and enable them to drive more traffic, clicks, and leads. More leads means more sales and profit.

It seems easy, right? It’s not easy though!

Google and other search engines keep updating their search algorithms. Since most people rely on Google for accurate and relevant results, Google continuously brings in new updates to enhance users’ search experience. These algorithm changes can have a significant impact on website visits, clicks, and conversions. Here, businesses need a reliable SEO consultant Brisbane that can help them fine-tune their website and digital marketing strategies with the latest Google updates.

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By now, you might have come across tonnes of agencies offering SEO services in Brisbane. While most other digital marketing companies go after clicks and traffics, we chase after real results. And we are sure you too want actual performance and not any fancy promises. That’s why Diamond SEO is the right digital marketing agency for you.

SEO and digital marketing constantly keep improving and evolving. Over these years, a lot has changed in SEO. SEO tactics that were in practice a couple of years back are not relevant today. To help businesses make the best of SEO, we have adapted to these changes. We keep testing new strategies, updating our knowledge, and improving our SEO understanding so that your business gets a competitive edge.

We customize each of our SEO Brisbane strategies according to the needs of our clients. Whether you want to build a customer database or see revenue growth, our SEO experts will ensure you achieve your target as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Diamond SEO believes in doing the right thing always. We only practice white hat SEO and stay away from unethical SEO tactics because our ultimate goal is to bring you closer to your sales goals in a manner that doesn’t upset Google and doesn’t get you penalised.

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Our Areas of SEO Expertise

01. Local SEO so that you can beat the Local Search Competition

In recent years, local search has become a phenomenon. Statistics show that 4 in 5 people rely on Google search to find out local businesses. With a Local SEO strategy in place, you can dominate your local market and grow your business’s popularity.

Our SEO experts Brisbane are well versed in geo-focused local SEO tactics and how to target the strategies towards people who are willing to visit your brick and mortar store. Whether you are a newly opened café or an established enterprise, we can help you outrank your competition. Right from setting your Google My Business account to optimizing your site for Local search, boosting your online visibility to ensuring increased footfalls to your store, we have you covered.

02. Enterprise SEO to ensure your competitor stays behind you, always

Enterprises and big companies are always on the lookout for strategies to acquire new businesses and ensure industry dominance. At Diamond SEO, we offer enterprise SEO solutions that enable big corporates to hit an impressive ROI. Our Enterprise SEO approach is comprised of cohesive strategies that can be easily implemented across channels.

Once we have put your brand on top of the search results page, we ensure you stay on top. Our data-driven SEO tactics allow us to formulate content strategies that target the right audience at the right place.

03. Ecommerce SEO for ultra-precise customer targeting

The ecommerce marketplace is becoming excessively crowded, with more online shops popping up. With such fierce competition, you must aim for quality leads that are ready to convert into sales. However, we understand that handling an ecommerce website is a complicated task. On top of it, managing website SEO can get the better of anyone. That’s why, relying on an SEO company in Brisbane like Diamond SEO is your best move!

We deploy tried and tested SEO strategies that boost your ecommerce brand and bring in more traffic. Our SEO specialists Brisbane and content creators work in unison to connect you with your ready-to-convert buyers.

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